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Functions for constructing new geometry layers that place text along a path. These funcions typically come in a ‘text’ and ‘label’ variant, for text without and with a textbox respectively.

geom_textpath() geom_textline() geom_labelpath() geom_labelline()
Add Curved Text Along Paths in ggplot2
geom_textsegment() geom_labelsegment()
Add text to line segments
geom_textcurve() geom_labelcurve()
Text on a curve
geom_textabline() geom_labelabline() geom_texthline() geom_labelhline() geom_textvline() geom_labelvline()
Labelled reference lines: horizontal, vertical, and diagonal
geom_textdensity() geom_labeldensity()
Produce smoothly labelled density plots in ggplot2
geom_textsmooth() geom_labelsmooth()
Labelled conditional means in ggplot2
geom_textcontour() geom_labelcontour() stat_textcontour()
Produce labelled contour lines in ggplot2
geom_textdensity2d() geom_labeldensity2d()
Produce labelled contour lines of 2D density in ggplot2
geom_textsf() geom_labelsf()
Visualise sf objects with labels

Justification Scales

These functions allow for more finegrained control over text justification.

Other functions

Functions that can be useful, but do not belong to a larger group of functions.

Draw text on a path.
Polar coordinates with curved text on x axis


Data objects included in the package

A simple features data frame of three Scottish waterways


Other topics included in documents

Sibling layers
The Geom object for a textpath